About Us
About US

Aegis Capital UK Limited is a UK-based investment company, offering a range of investments to invest in the UK and Europe. We provide you the opportunity to make money from different investments. We specialise in investment management for both retail and institutional investors.

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Operational Excellence

We execute our business strategies more consistently and reliably than the competition, with lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues relative to our competitors.

Continuous Growth

We invest in growing businesses that are expanding in one or more ways. There is no single metric used to measure growth. However, we use several data points to ensure the companies we invest in are growing.

Team of experts

Each of our customers has a dedicated team of highly trained experts assigned to their account who are empowered to deliver next-level customer care. No bots. No bouncing.

Expert Advisors

In the world of foreign exchange trading, our expert advisors tell you when to make trades and initiate and execute trades according to your instructions.

24/7 Support

We provided you customer care support 24/7.

100% Satisfaction

What does our 100% satisfaction guarantee mean to you? Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a simple promise that if a buyer is not satisfied with the investment made, we will refund the buyer's money in full within 30 days.